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some nsfw bokuaka hc

Bokuto and Akaashi try out frottage in place of the setter not being ready enough to want to try penetration, which is perfectly cool. And even better once they actually try it for the first time? Because wow, Akaashi under him with his legs open wide with Bokuto in between pressing their cocks together through the thin layer of their boxer briefs is erotic.

It’s really awkward at first but eventually they find a rhythm with Akaashi canting his hips to meet Bokuto’s upward rutting  and neither of them last very long since they’re new at this and all to sensitive. Akaashi’s whole body is wracked with shivers because it feels so damn good that it’s almost overloading his senses. he’s the first one to go over the edge with  a strangled moan from his lips and cum leaving a dark splotch in his underwear and it’s enough for Bokuto to climax, hips stuttering against Akaashi’s and he collapses because his arms feel like pudding and the younger is too worn to care and they just stay that way for awhile ,

Akaashi lets out a content sigh and runs his finger through his boyfriend’s hair and he wants to ask if Bokuto liked that (which when they talk about it later, Bokuto is ecstatic and more than happy to do it again that is, if he wants to)  but he opts to take a nap because he’s tired and he’s sure the other’s already fell out because he’s too quiet. 

sherazoo said: 

oooh that makes sense. :(

CRIES IT SUCKS. but thank you for trying to help ; u ; !! i’m rly bad at digital art n stuff tbh, especially coloring, orz. i need to practice more!!!

himedere-senpaii said: 

they gagged? omg bb noooooo ;u;

OMG SHE DID and she actually read it while she was at school so it was even worse LOL. but she was all sweet and like “bUT WE CAN STILL TALK ABOUT IT IF YOU WANT TO IT’S OKAY” POOR THING PUTS UP WITH SO MUCH FROM ME. 

if u ever feel embarrassed about any of your kinks, just remember that i have a watersport headcanon for one of my otps that made my best friend gag over four times whilst reading it

i’m trying to figure out a pastel way to color manga caps, but it’s rly hard